Special Projects and Partners

Have a special or custom project underway which requires some extra attention to detail in wood preparation, cutting or manufacturing? At Rhine Reclaimed, we have completed some of the most extensive and detailed projects in the Pacific Northwest ranging from home remodels, commercial public facilities to modern LEED certified facilities. Our wide range of timber, lumber and reclaimed wood formats combined with custom treatments gives Rhine Reclaimed the ability to meet almost any need.
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Everyone is our Partner...

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At Rhine Reclaimed, we feel most people today are concerned with the environment and how to best manage our natural resources.  We have partners in industries ranging from Home Builders, Craftsmen, Interior Design, Green Design, Architectural Firms, Furniture Markers and Commercial Mills.  We believe in new relationships and strive everyday to enhance our partners business by providing the best product available. We believe in providing a high quality product to help you meet your project needs, no matter how detailed the design or requirement. 
If your interested in exploring a business relationship with Rhine Reclaimed, please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.