Vintage Style Reclaimed Wood

Meeting your every need for reclaimed wood in Seattle, Tacoma and the entire West Coast of the USA.
Over the past 30 years, Rhine Reclaimed Wood in Tacoma, Washington has watched as the world becomes more aware of our important natural resources.  During our 63+ years in business, we have come to understand the fundamental promise of “being green”. Our products were recently featured in the Bullitt Center located in Seattle, WA which is considered the "greenest commercial building in the world". Follow this link to visit the Bullitt Center in Seattle!

We’ve been serving the Pacific Northwest region including Tacoma, Seattle, Bellevue and the entire West Coast for decades and ship large and small format reclaimed wood materials.  We've also shipped to many international locations including Asia, Canada and South America.

Hours M-F 7am-4:30pm, Sat 8:30am-2pm.
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Rustic, Mix width, hard wood flooring
Rainier Rustic® is our premium vintage used wood product offered as flooring, paneling, beams or custom cut. The deep rich color tones provide for a diverse offering which can be pre-treated for color, tone and texture. Most supplies offer a unique history and often become a center piece for home or office.
Rancho Santa Fe Patio, Rainier Rustic beams
Our Rhinewood® beams and supports can be used as load bearing trusses and supports for any residential or commercial project. These timbers, reclaimed from a local warehouse, help create a warm patio area and compliment the southwestern architecture of the residential property.
Rustic table, rainier rustic
Often we are asked for used wood which is unlike any other products found at your local lumber yard. We specialize in hard to find wood which acts as a canvas for our handmade furniture craftsmen. This large format Douglas Fir with nail holes was used to develop and deliver a picnic style table.